Shannon Sharpe ‘SNL’ Impression by Jay Pharoah is Hilarious (VIDEO)

Saturday Night Live comedian, Jay Pharoah, decided to do a spoof of current CBS sportscaster, Shannon Sharpe, this past weekend and as usual, it was pretty funny. The former NFL tight end and Pro Hall of Famer was parodied by impressionist, Jay Pharoah, who captured Sharpe’s mannerisms perfectly. I wonder what Shannon thought of the impression? Former NFL tight end and current CBS commentator, Shannon Sharpe is spoofed by Impersonator and comedian, Jay Pharoah, on Saturday Night Live October 5, 2013.

As Pharoah sat next to “Weekend Update” host Seth Meyers, his spoof of the former tight end’s distinctive mannerisms and exaggerations were spot on, as he named the New York Giants the worst team in 50 years and San Francisco 49er’s quarterback , Colin Kaepernick, a shoe-in to make it to the Super Bowl this season.

Watch Saturday Night Live impression of Shannon Sharpe