What Are The Top 10 Must See Sporting Events?

I’ve been fortunate to have attended many great sporting events over the years. With the Super Bowl fast approaching, let’s take a look at the Top 10 events which I believe every avid sports fan should see in-person.

10. British Open – For the serious golfer, a trip to St. Andrews is a pilgrimage to where golf began. Many of golf’s greatest moments have occurred at the British Open, including last year’s near-win by Tom Watson.

9. Red Sox vs. Yankees – You can argue about the greatest rivalry in sports, but I don’t think anyone can argue that the Yankees vs. Red Sox is at or near the top. The fans hate each other and the atmosphere is electric, especially late in the season if the games mean something.

8. Army vs. Navy – Maybe this isn’t the BCS title game, but the pageantry surrounded this classic rivalry and the emotions it stirs is something very unique.

7. World Cup – In almost every country except the U.S., soccer is the most popular sport and the World Cup is the culminating event. This summer’s World Cup in South Africa promises to be the most watched event in tv sports history.

6. World Series – The World Series is special given its history. Be lucky enough to catch a game at either Fenway Park or Yankees Stadium and you’ll be treated to a very special experience.

5. Kentucky Derby – Even if you’re not a horse racing fan, the Kentucky Derby is a fun event to attend. It’s a spectacle, from women wearing the big hats to the Mint Juleps (which, by the way, I think taste horrible).

4. Final Four – The NCAA basketball tournament is the best tournament in American sports. And the excitement level reaches a fever-pitch at the Final Four with teams vying for a spot in the Monday finals. And if you’re team happens to be one of the remaining four, it’s an experience you’ll never forget.

3. Stanley Cup Game 7 – Even though I’m not much of a hockey fan, I’m hard pressed to find a more exciting sporting event than a game 7 Stanley Cup final. The excitement and intensity level is unrivaled.

2. Super Bowl – Nothing compares to the Super Bowl in terms of the hype. It’s almost become a national holiday with tens of millions of viewers tuning in. Add in all the events and the chance to rub shoulders with greats such as John Elway and Joe Montana, and everyone should attend at least one.

1. Masters – This is my favorite event. You have to pinch yourself the first time you enter the hallowed grounds of Augusta National. It’s more beautiful in person than you can ever see on tv. And there’s nothing like following the leaders through Amen Corner on Sunday.