Andre Dawson Elected To National Baseball Hall of Fame

NEW YORK – Eight time All-Star outfielder, Andre Dawson, was finally elected to the Hall of Fame after nine trys. Other players considered for baseball’s honor who just fell short were Bert Blyleven and Roberto Alomar.

Andre Dawson was elected to National Baseball Hall of Fame after nine trys.

The Baseball Writers’ Association of America announced that Dawson received 420 of 539 votes in voting, 15 more than the 75 percent necessary to gain election. ... Read More

Yankees Beat Phillies Win World Series Claim Record 27th Title

The New York Yankees win The World Series beating The Philadelpha Phillies 7-3 in game six grabbing its 27th record championship. Hideki Matsui tied a World Series record with six RBIs, Andy Pettitte won on short rest.

Yankees win World Series beat Phillies 7-3 grab 27th record title.

It was the team’s first since winning three straight from 1998-2000.

“It feels better than I remember it,” Derek Jeter said. “It’s been a long time.”

“My teammates, coaches and the organization stood by me and now we stand here as world champions,” said Alex Rodriguez. “We’re going to enjoy it, and we’re going to party!”

Yankees Lead Phillies 2-1 in Game 3 of World Series – Video

The New York Yankees beat the Philadelphia Phillies in game 3 of the World Series with an 8-5 victory that took till the wee hours Sunday morning to finish.

Watch video highlights and interviews.

AJ Burnett Saves Yankees In 3-1 Win Over Phillies – Video

The New York Yankees evened the series 1-1 against Philadelphia in game two of the World Series last night. A.J. Burnett pitched what he called the best game of his career.

‘AJ of the Yankees had all the pressure on him trailing one game to none in the series with Padro Martinez opposite him for the Phillies and what did he do, he produced in a huge way 22 of 26 first pick strikes…,’ said Ken Rosenthal of Foxsports

Checkout the video highlights  of Game 2 of the World Series.

More video highlights and interviews Yankees vs Philadelphia

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Why Goose Gossage Is The Perfect Golf Partner

Since I spend so much time around athletes, people often ask me about my most memorable experiences. And while I’ve had my share of memories, both good and bad, one that always sticks out involved New York Yankees Hall of Famer Goose Gossage. If you haven’t met Goose, he’s a great guy who loves to have a good time. He’s full of laughs and great stories.

I was playing in a pro-am scramble golf event with Goose in Copper Mountain, Colorado in the late 90’s. The other members in our group were big Yankee fans from New Jersey. One of the members of our fivesome had just purchased a new putter and unfortunately waited until the tournament to try it out. To say this guy was bad is a major understatement. He was the worst putter I’ve ever seen. He just couldn’t figure out how to use it. If he had a 10 foot putt, he would hit it 20 feet past the hole. As the day went on, Goose gave the guy some good-natured ribbing, which everyone was enjoying. ... Read More

Yankees Catch A Break On Worst Umpire Call Ever – Video

Bad officiating has been the subject of Major League Baseball this month and Monday’s call by umpire Tim McClelland has to be by far the worst officiating ever. McClelland and his  team made three bad calls on the bases in the fourth and fifth innings of the Angels’ 10-1 loss to the New York Yankees in Game 4 of the American League Championship Series on Monday.

Jorge Posada and Robinson Cano both get tagged at third after a ground ball to the mound, but the ump calls out only Posada ... Read More

Jim Abbott is a Highly Sought After Motivational Speaker

Jim Abbott, a baseball Icon, is a popular inspirational  &  motivational speaker. He was the underdog growing up. He was born with only one hand but had aspirations of reaching the Major Leagues.

As a youngster, he would spend hours bouncing the ball off a wall to practice fielding and throwing. He showed enough promise in high school to be drafted by the Toronto Blue Jays but chose instead to attend the University of Michigan. He led the Wolverines to Big Ten titles in his freshmen and junior years and had a career record of 26-8. He went on to win the prestigious Golden Spikes Award, presented annually to the outstanding college baseball player in the United States. ... Read More

Tiger Woods Earns $1B Tops Michael Jordan As Highest Paid Athlete

Tiger Woods earns $1B becoming highest paid athlete

Forbes reported last week that Tiger Woods became the first athlete to earn $1 billion in career earnings from endorsements, prize winnings, golf course design and appearance fees. Woods reportedly earns $30 million a year from Nike and receives $10 million per project for his golf design work. He also just won $10 million last week for winning the FedEx Cup title.

The crazy part is that Woods in only 33 years old and has many years of competitive golf, endorsements and golf course design ahead of him. It’s not a stretch to say that he’ll likely make well in excess of $2 billion by the time his career ends. It’s estimated that he has now earned more than NBA great Michael Jordan ($800 million) and retired Formula One driver Michael Shumacher ($700 million). ... Read More

Yankees Blue Jays Fight Posada vs Carlson – Video

Jorge Posada bumps Toronto’s Jesse Carlson after crossing home plate, and the fight begins.

Watch video.

“It got pretty heavy and pretty thick pretty quickly,” Alex Rodriguez said. “I think we’re all fortunate and glad no one got hurt.”

“As he ran past Carlson, he gave him a little shove with his elbow. It was very unsportsmanlike,” Joyce told a pool reporter. “It was a cheap shot.”

“He was just right there on the line to the dugout. We got carried away and hopefully that’s the end of it,” Posada said. “I don’t want my kids to see that. … Fight in the middle of the field, benches clearing – that’s a bad example.”

Yankees lose 10-4

Can Joe Mauer Hit 400 Batting Mark?

Each year there seems to be one or two baseball players who catch the attention of the sports world and stir conversation about the hallowed .400 batting mark.

This year, that talk has centered around Minnesota Twins catcher Joe Mauer, who is currently hitting .363. History tells us that he’ll likely fall short – it’s arguably the most difficult record in sports to break.

The last player to hit .400 was the  great Ted Williams, who achieved the feat in 1941. Williams entered the last day of the season with a batting average of .39955, which would have been rounded up to .400, making him the first man to hit .400 since Bill Terry in 1930. ... Read More