Stafon Johnson USC Running Back Crushes Neck & Larynx

Stafon Johnson, USC’s top football rusher, was injured in a bench-pressing accident Monday when a bar slipped from his  grasp. Last night his condition was considered critical after emergency surgery, but today his doctor’s say he is expected to make a full recovery due to his physical conditioning and musculature around his neck.

Dr. Gudata Hinika, trauma director at California Hospital Medical Center, said at a news conference today that “Had that been any one of us, meaning me, I would not have survived,” Hinika said. “His neck was so solid and so muscular, that actually helped maintain his airway.”

Hinika said Johnson first had an emergency tracheotomy to help him breath. Surgeons then began reconstructive procedures.

“These are the type of injuries, usually it happens in the old days when people did not wear a seat belt,” Hinika said. “You get in an accident and you’re thrown through a windshield.” ... Read More

Plaxico Burress Begins Two Year Sentence On Weapons Charge

Plaxico Burress,  former New York Giants wide receiver,  was taken to jail on Tuesday to begin serving a two-year sentence for gun possession, after accidentally shooting himself at a nightclub last year.

Burress’ football career started taking off after he caught the winning touchdown in the Giants’ Super Bowl win in February 2008.

However, the Giants and the NFL suspended him after he pleaded guilty to a gun possession charge.

Burress accidentally shot himself in the thigh with his own handgun last November while at a New York City nightclub. He did not have a license to carry a gun in New York. ... Read More

Is Tedy Bruschi Patriots Most Popular Player Ever?

There aren’t many things that make Bill Belichick cry. But when Tedy Bruschi recently announced his retirement, the robot-like coach was forced to choke back tears.

Ex New England Patriots linebacker Tedy Bruschi may be Patriots most popular player.

Said Belichick, “I’ve had the privilege of coaching a lot of great players and leaders in the National Football League, and I’ll just put Tedy up there with all of them and above all of them. There’s no player that I think epitomizes more of what I believe a player should be on the field, off the field, really, in every situation.” ... Read More

Which NFL Greats Will Be Inducted Into the Pro Football Hall of Fame?

The preliminary list of modern-era nominees for induction in 2010 in the Pro Football Hall was recently released and it’s loaded with big names. Headlining the list are Jerry Rice and Emmitt Smith, two of the greatest players in NFL history.

NFL greats  Jerry Rice and Emmitt Smith are top contenders for the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Other nominees include Tim Brown, Herschel Walker, Andre Reed, Cris Carter, Sterling Sharp and former commissioner Paul Tagliabue. ... Read More

How Will Broncos, Bills, Cardinals, Patriots, Cowboys Do In NFL 2009 Season?

With the NFL season upon us, there are numerous interesting story lines. The question is how will some of the NFL teams fare in the 2009-2010 season. NFL teams like the Denver Broncos, Buffalo Bills, Arizona Cardinals, New England Patriots and Dallas Cowboys are just a few of the most intriguing story lines. ... Read More

Brett Favre Wins Vikings Beat Cleveland 34-20 – Video

Brett Favre won his debut in Minnesota as the Vikings beat Cleveland 34-20 behind Adrian Peterson’s 180 rushing yards and three touchdowns. The opening game, Minnesota vs Cleveland, has been billed as the Brett Favre and Adrian Peterson Show.

“I haven’t played with an offense like this,” Favre said. “It starts with 28 [Peterson], but I’ll tell you what — that offensive line is pretty impressive.”

Erik Kramer & Brian Webber of FOXsports Online OT recap Brett Favre Viking’s debut, show highlights and more. Watch video.

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Boise vs Oregon Fight Blount Punches Hout – Video

When Oregon finally lost to Boise State, it  caused Oregon’s LeGarrette Blount, to finally lose it as well. As a result of his anger and frustration, Blount went after Boise State’s Byron Hout punching him in the chin.

Not only did Oregon lose to Boise State, 19-8, but now the Oregon Ducks are wondering what will happen to their hot-headed running back.

Toward the end of the game, Blount finally lost it and after punching Byron Hout, he then needed to be restrained by police and team staff to keep from going after fans.

“I just apologize to anyone watching that,” Blount said. “I just apologize to all of our fans and all of Boise’s fans. That’s something I shouldn’t have done. I lost my head.”

“I tell you what, that will never happen again,” Blount stated. “I will never lose my head again. I should have handled that situation a lot better than I did.

Update: LaGarrette Blount has been suspended costing him his carreer with the Ducks.

Watch Boise State vs Oregon fight video.

Why Are The Dallas Cowboys So Popular?

I’m always amazed at the popularity of the Dallas Cowboys and their players. I book sports celebrities across the country and no team except maybe baseball’s New York Yankees even come close to matching the popularity of the Cowboys.

The Cowboys popularity isn’t just confined to Texas. It’s true they are the most popular team in every corner of the state, but their popularity extends across the country. They earned the nickname “America’s Team” for good reason. Ask football fans in Richmond, VA who their favorite team is and they’re just as likely to say the Cowboys as the Redskins. ... Read More

Brett Favre Apologizes For Illegal Block (Video)

Brett Favre has apologized for the illegal block he committed against Safety Eugene Wilson during last Sunday’s preseason game against the Houston Texans.

Favre, Minnesota Viking’s newly acquired QB, blamed the penalty on being rusty.

Favre drew an illegal crackback block on Houston Safety Eugene Wilson, who is now unable to play. Wilson is now listed as day-to-day.

Favre complained earlier today of pain when he takes deep breaths and said he thinks he might have a cracked rib.

Favre said, “My intentions were not to hurt anyone including myself… I hope he’s ok… I’m sorry if he was injured, but that was not my intention.”

Watch video.

Brett Favre  illegal crackback block against defender Eugene Wilson.  Watch video.

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Broncos Brandon Marshall Has Been Suspended

Last Friday the Denver Broncos  announced that Brandon Marshall was suspended for “conduct detrimental to the club”.

Marshall is not expected to play in Sunday’s preseason game against the Chicago Bears and there is no word on how long the suspension will last.

At practice last Wednesday Brandon was doing a drill half heartedly and then punted the ball at the end of it rather than just handing it over. ... Read More