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NFL Speakers

What to Look for in an NFL Speaker

In order to find the right NFL speakers for your event, you need to go through a few steps that will help you match a candidate with what you’re looking for.

Research Their Football Background

When choosing a speaker, it’s essential to clearly identify what you are looking for because otherwise, you’ll have a hard time narrowing down your list of candidates.

And one of the main things to consider when looking for a former football player motivational speaker is their football background – every speaker has their own unique path and experiences, so you need to ensure that their message is a good fit for your needs.

Athletes usually go through a lot of meaningful experiences during their career, many of which can serve as powerful metaphors that are universal to people from all walks of life, but you still need to find a candidate that can articulate those experiences and has anecdotes that he can share to drive the point home.

Make Sure Their Experience Matches Your Audience Needs

Over time, most speakers develop themes that they use during most of their speeches – these serve as sort of the story frameworks that they use to make their case and inspire audiences.

However, while it’s understandable that the speaker may not be able to deliver a unique speech every single time, you still don’t want him to go on stage and perform the same speech that he gave last week.

So, you need to talk to the best candidates and make sure that they understand who your audience is and what they are likely to respond to best. They need to be willing to adjust and tailor their speech to your needs so that your audience gets a unique experience that will leave a lasting impression.

Luckily, a good former NFL player motivational speaker should have plenty of inspiring stories and topics to talk about, so if you just take the time to have that discussion, you should be able to come up with an approach that works best for your situation.

Ask if They Are Willing to Make Pre or Post Speech Appearances

Although the main event with any speaker is the speech itself, in order to maximize the impact and audience engagement, you need the speaker to be willing to spend some time with the attendees before or after their talk.

After all, the speaker is often the main attraction of the entire event, so the more time you can give your audience with him, the better the response and overall reactions will be.

If the speaker would be willing to spend some one-on-one time talking to some of the attendees before or after the event, that might make a huge difference to some of the guests, especially if it’s a famous football player motivational speaker who is regarded as a celebrity.

Being there to talk with some of the attendees shows that the speaker takes his role seriously and has a genuine desire to inspire and help the people that he interacts with. At the same time, that means that your event will have a bigger appeal and you’ll have an easier time ensuring good attendance numbers.

The Best Selection of NFL Sports Speakers

At Playing Field Promotions, we have a range of football motivational speakers and can help you find the right fit for your event.

Playing Field Promotions’ Vast Array of NFL Personalities

When looking for the right NFL speaker for your event, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the number of choices, especially when you’re not exactly clear on what you need to look for.

But at PFP, we have a range of qualified professional NFL speakers, so whether you’re looking for an ex-football player motivational speaker or a football motivational speaker that currently plays in the NFL, we can help you find the option that suits your needs best.

The Ease with Which PFP Makes the Hiring Process Happen

Organizing a successful event is hard work, and you probably have enough things to worry about, so we want to make sure that choosing the right NFL speaker for your event is as quick and simple as possible.

Our entire hiring process is designed to accommodate your needs – simply go through our vast NFL motivational speaker list, identify the criteria that are important to you, and start narrowing down your options.

When you think that you’ve found a candidate that could be the right fit, fill out a quick form, providing some information about yourself and your event, and our representative will be in touch shortly to figure out all the details.

PFP Can Help You Find the Best NFL Speaker

When looking for the right speaker for your event, it’s essential to find one that not only has an appeal with your audience but can also tailor his message to fit your event and your company’s image.

You need an agency that has a long list of options so that you can find one that checks off all the boxes and helps you bring maximum value to your audience. And at Playing Fields Promotions, we have the best selection of NFL speakers and have the experience to help you identify the best options for your needs.

Over our years in the industry, we’ve worked with thousands of athletes and know what types of speakers are best suited for different events. And since we have a lot of speakers to choose from, we can offer you competitive prices and help you find a speaker that matches both your needs and your budget.

So, if you’re ready to find the perfect speaker for your event, we at Playing Field Promotions are ready to help guide you through the entire process. Just fill out our contact form, and we’ll guide you through the entire process, helping you reach your event goals and inspire your audience in the process.

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