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NFL Lockout Over. NE Patriots Owner Robert Kraft Praised As Hero (VIDEO)

The NFL lockout is finally over and fans can now get excited about football again. The players and owners reached a deal over the weekend and its back to business for the NFL.

New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft is being praised as a hero and one of the key owners who contributed to the end of the lockout. ... Read More

Tiger Woods Caddy Shocked Over Being Fired After 12 Years of Loyal Service (VIDEO)

Steve Williams, Tiger Woods loyal caddy since March 1999, was personally informed by  Woods earlier this month, following the AT&T National in Pennsylvania that he was being let go.

Caddy Steve Williams fired by Tiger Woods is "shocked and disappointed"

Tiger Woods provoked a furious reaction from The New Zealander. Despite more than 12 years of loyal service, Williams was “shocked and disappointed” at the decision, having remained resolutely tight-lipped throughout the sex scandal that engulfed Woods late in 2009. ... Read More

Roger Clemens Mistrial Declared by Federal Judge

WASHINGTON – U.S. District Judge Reggie Walton just declared a mistrial in the perjury cased against former Astros pitcher Roger Clemens after prosecutors allowed jurors to see evidence deemed inadmissible by the judge.

The mistrial was triggered when a video screen displaying comments from Congressman Elijah Cummings at a House hearing, in which Cummings seemed to indicate Clemens was lying when he denied using HGH or steroids, was left on while the lawyers had a private conversation with the judge. ... Read More

Women’s Soccer: Hope Solo, Abby Wambach Beat Brazil in Thrilling Quarterfinal Win

The United States Women’s Soccer team has two heroes today – Hope Solo and Abby Wambach. Each player received widespread attention on Sunday after a thrilling win over Brazil in the quarterfinal round.

Trailing by a goal and with time running out in extra time, Abby Wambach with just seconds to spare saved the Americans, and Hope Solo the new hero in the penalty shootout, stopped an attempt by Brazil as the USA came back to win. ... Read More

Roger Clemens Perjury Trial Begins

WASHINGTON – Roger Clemens’s day in court begins Wednesday, July 6, as he fights allegations that he lied under oath to Congress when he denied ever using steriods during his 23-year baseball career as a MLB pitcher.

Clemens testified to a House committee under oath in 2008 that he never used any performance-enhancing drugs during his 23-season baseball career. ... Read More

NBA Owners Lockout Players After Failing To Reach Agreement

NBA NEWS: After failing to reach a new collective bargaining agreement on Thursday, NBA owners have locked out the players today.


No one wanted the lockout, but after three hours of negotiations, a deal could not be reached, according to San Antonio’s Matt Bonner, vice president of the NBA Players Association. ... Read More