Has Tiger Woods Hurt The Athlete Endorsement Market?

I’ve read on more than one occasion since the Tiger Woods story broke last month that the endorsement market for all athletes will suffer as a result of his indiscretions. The thinking goes that if companies can’t trust someone like Tiger, who for years had the cleanest image among all athletes, who can they trust?

I don’t agree with this assessment. There’s an inherent risk whenever a company utilizes an athlete. He could get hurt, traded, arrested or, in the case of Tiger, caught with his pants down. Athletes have been endorsing products for close to 100 years and will continue to do so. ... Read More

NFL Star Chris Henry Dies From Fatal Truck Accident Injuries

CHARLOTTE, NC – NFL star Chris Henry, 26, who suffered grave injuries in a truck accident in North Carolina yesterday, has died. Charlotte-Mecklenburg police report Henry died at 6:36 AM EST this morning. Henry played wide receiver for the Cincinnati Bengals.

NFL star Chris Henry died Thursday morning Dec. 17, 2009.

It was previously reported that Henry jumped into the back of a pickup truck yesterday in an attempt to stop his fiancee from leaving a “domestic situation” at her parents’ home in North Carolina. ... Read More

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Has Cancer

NBA legend, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, 62, has been diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia called chronic myeloid leukemia, a cancer of the blood and bone marrow that produces cancerous blood cells. The disease was diagnosed in December. He is taking oral medication to treat the disease.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar revealed in an interview Monday that he has Philadelphia chromosome-positive chronic myeloid leukemia, a cancer of the blood and bone marrow that produces cancerous blood cells.

“The word ‘leukemia’ is a very frightening word,” he said in a phone interview from New York. “In many instances, it’s a killer and it’s something that you have to deal with in a very serious and determined way if you’re going to beat it.” ... Read More

Tony Romo Denies Jessica Simpson Access To His Home

The Tony Romo Jessica Simpson breakup has been well publicized and appears that both celebrities have  moved on.

After Tony Romo broke up with Jessica Simpson the night before her 29th birthday, he made arrangements to exclude Simpson from having access to his Dallas home.

The new issue of Us Weekly reports the Dallas Cowboys quarterback instructed security at his gated community to keep Simpson out.


Simpson has no plans to continue having access to Romo’s home except to remove her property. It has been reported by US Magazine that the singer paid $19,000 on July 15 to ship 37 boxes worth of her belongings from Dallas to L.A. overnight.

The famous couple, who began dating in November 2007, called it quits earlier this month.

“I thought they would…tie the knot,” Terrell Owens, who criticized Simpson for being a “jinx,” told Ryan Seacrest.

Simpson is currently working out with a personal trainer in L.A. to get back into shape. She spends most of her social time with her family and friends.

Let’s wish them both well.

Tony will concentrate on his carrer this season and hopefully move the Dallas Cowboys into Superbowl contention.

Jessica Simpson is a beautiful girl and will have no trouble moving on.

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Ben Roethlisberger Denies Sexual Assault on Andrea McNulty (Video)

Ben Roethlisberger,  Pittsburgh Steeler’s quarterback recently accused of sexual assault by Andrea McNulty, issued a 20-second long statement to the media, denying the sexual assault allegations against him.

Roethlisberger said, “I did not sexually assault Andrea McNulty.”

He went on to say that “Saturday was the first that I learned of her accusations. Her false and vicious accusations are an attack on my family and on me”

“I would never, ever force myself on a woman.”

“I will fight to protect my family and my reputation.”

“I’m not going to discuss my private life or this civil case in the media.”

“I’ll respond to her outrageous allegations in the appropriate forum.”

“I have an obligation to our fans, my teammates to my coaches and everyone in the organization to remain focused on the Pittsburgh Steelers and I will do that.”

“The allegations against me are reckless and false.”

“As much as I would like to answer everyone’s questions, I will respect the legal process and I am confident that the truth will prevail”

Ben Roethlisberger Press Conference Sexual Assault Charges. Watch video

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Erin Andrews Illegal Video Infected with Malware

Although the Erin Andrew’s peephole video has been removed from well known sites such as YouTube, users are still searching the Internet for the illegal video taken by a peeping Tom of Erin Andrews nude in her hotel room.

“There are lots more sites out there pretending to host the Erin Andrews peephole video, but really hosting malicious software,” said Graham Cluley of anti-virus software maker Sophos on a company blog.

“Hackers have created Web pages claiming to contain the notorious … video in their attempt to infect Mac and Windows computers,” he wrote.

“And — surprise, surprise — if you visit those Web pages you could be putting the security of your computer at real risk.”

Users, he said, may see a message that says something like, “Your popup blocker has blocked access to the Video Player. To view your video, please launch the Live Video Player below.”

Nate Solberg, of Nordic PC, said it’s when users click on such links that a virus can be unleashed.

“A Trojan horse is the method of delivery. You think you’re downloading something useful, but it turns out to have a surprise,” he said. “The payload can be pretty much anything. Most popular these days are botnets, which can take control of your machine and use it for denial-of-service attacks against other Web sites, or to house pornography or distribute files illegally.”

If users are asked to click on a link to download or update a video player in order to see photos or a video, Solberg suggests they instead go to the site of the video player company to get the link from the company itself “to make sure you’re getting the real thing.

“If you do that, then go back to download a video and it still says you don’t have the latest version, you know there’s something fishy going on,” he said.

Erin’s attorney said, “Although the perpetrator or perpetrators of this criminal act have not yet been identified, when they are identified she intends to bring both civil and criminal charges against them and against anyone who has published the material.”

Steve McNair Shot By Girlfriend Medical Examiner Confirms

According to TMZ Steve McNair’s girlfriend did fire the gun.

TMZ just spoke with Tennessee assistant medical examiner Dr. Feng Li, who told TMZ preliminary test results in the Steve McNair death show Sahel Kazemi fired the gun that killed both of them.

Feng — who conducted autopsies on the two bodies — told TMZ he was able to make the determination from the crime scene investigation, police interviews, autopsy findings and preliminary lab results — which include a gunshot residue test.

Nicole Bobek Ex Ice Skating Champ Arrested in Meth Ring

July 6, 2009 – Nicole Bobek, the 31 year old former ice skating champion, made her first court appearance Monday by video from the Hudson County Jail. Bobek, who has homes in New York and Jupiter, Fla., was arrested in Florida last week. She is charged with conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine in Hudson County. She was arraigned in Jersey City, NJ, on drug charges stemming from a case in New York. Bobek faces up to 10 years in prison if she is convicted.

Attorney Sam DeLuca entered a not guilty plea for Bobek. She was held on $200,000 bail and faces up to 10 years in prison if she’s convicted.

Prosecutor Edward DeFazio says so far 20 people have been arrested in connection with the ring.

“She played a significant role in this operation,” said Hudson County Prosecutor Edward DeFazio of the probe that took down a methamphetamine ring and resulted in more than a dozen arrests, including Bobek’s. “She was actively involved in the upper echelon of this ring.”

Bobek is famous for winning the women’s U.S. figure skating title in 1995.

Watch Nicole Bobek 1995 National Championships Video


Nicloe Bobek’s Skating Career

Bobek’s fondness for skating started at age three. She first came to national prominence by placing 2nd at the novice level of the U.S. Championships in 1989; Nicole was eleven years old. In the next few seasons, she worked her way up the competitive rankings at the national level. She was known as an athletic jumper and a charismatic performer, but an erratic competitor. For example, Nicole placed 4th at the 1992 World Junior Championships, but the next year dropped to 16th at the same event. She made her first appearance at the senior World Championships in 1994, as an alternate (after both Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding dropped out of the event), but failed to advance out of the qualifying round.

The following 1995 season brought Bobek her greatest competitive success; she won the U.S. title and placed 3rd at the World Championships. In late 1995, Nicole toured with an ice show production of The Nutcracker, rather than rehabilitate an ankle injury or train for the upcoming 1996 U.S. Championships. Said injury forced her out of the championships, and off the World team for that season. In both 1997 and 1998, she placed 3rd at the U.S. Championships. But at the 1998 Winter Olympics Bobek finished in a disappointing 17th-place. She withdrew from the subsequent World Championships due to another injury.

Nicole Bobek Had Other Legal Battles

In November 1994, Bobek was charged with first degree home invasion after using an access code to enter a friend’s garage and home. She allegedly took cash from a purse, only to be foiled when the house owner arrived (at which point she returned the money). She claimed to have been given permission to enter the house and retrieve the cash by another member of the household. Bobek was 17 years old at the time; under Michigan law, anyone 17 or older may be subject to adult criminal laws and is no longer considered a minor for legal purposes.

She pled guilty under Michigan’s Holmes Youthful Trainee Act, which directs defendants between 17 and 20 years of age to probation and counseling. If they complete their probation, they are excused from a more permanent charge and given a “clean” record, with all records of the prior charge sealed from the public.

On January 19, 1995, Bobek was given “youthful trainee” status, along with two years’ probation and a choice between fifty hours of community service and thirty days in jail. Information regarding her case was soon leaked by the media and spread widely through skating circles, as well as in the news media at large. Under the Youthful Trainee Act, cases are to remain confidential; so on February 16, she filed for dismissal of her case (though journalists and legal scholars have argued that Michigan law allows journalists to release information about juvenile criminals if there is “compelling public interest,” which could be argued due to her status as a figure skater in world class competition). She was given a closed (private) hearing, where the trial court granted her motion for probation discharge.

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