Brian Urlacher and Chicago Bears Part Ways

Brian Urlacher and the Chicago Bears were unable to reach an agreement on Urlacher’s contract and now the Bears are without leadership and Urlacher is without work. Brian Urlacher and Chicago Bears parted ways on March 20, 2013.

ESPN’s John Clayton said that what you are seeing is the growing reality that’s hard for veterans even with great careers to be able to pull in more than six million dollars a year.

Clayton went on to say:

“Actually if you’re Brian Urlacher if your going to be like Ed Reed and want six to seven million dollars… we saw the same thing with Wes Walker in New England, so when you put all that together, Urlacher tried like crazy to get the most he can out of the Bears to try to come back, but they couldn’t come to any agreement and so after all these weeks they see that it was going nowhere and now what Urlacher has to try to do is see if he can find something else in the open market whether it is Minnesota or whether some other team…”

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